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Lauren is a health and wellness enthusiast with a passion for teaching yoga and fitness. She found yoga when she was diagnosed with scoliosis at a young age and has been teaching for over a decade. Lauren owns NEXT Yoga, a yoga studio & fitness center in Wheaton. She also leads 200 RYT/300 RYT yoga teacher trainings nationally and hosts wellness retreats. As a former athlete with a passion for biomechanics and kinesiology, Lauren's classes are powerful, fun, challenging and intentional. She loves making difficult postures more accessible with alignment based cueing and sequencing. When Lauren isn’t at the studio, she enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants, and going on long walks with her dog, Louie.

Get to know Lindsay

What’s your favorite product at Extract Juicery? I’m hooked on the Quench Me juice at the moment

What is health & fitness so important to you? I’m a huge advocate for health and fitness. Moving my body and eating healthy, nourishing foods make me feel GOOD, physically and mentally. It’s helped immensely with my back pain, anxiety, and confidence.

Are you a Juice or Smoothie type of person? I’m a smoothie girl for sure!

Interesting Fact about you? I’m an Aquarius sun, Cancer moon, and Leo rising

Favorite thing to do in Wheaton? Take a class at NEXT Yoga

What’s on your playlist right now? RUFUS DU SOL, Harry Styles and Beyoncé