Jessica Larson

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Instagram: @evolvewith_jessica
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Get to Know Jessica

I am an Integrative Health and Wellness coach, Nutritionist and Fitness Coach. My primary focus is women over 40. I do 1:1 life coachimg, fitness coaching and health guidance. I have been in the fitness industry for over 30 years. I’ve been a group fitness instructor, marathon runner and fitness competitor. I retired from competitive bodybuilding after receiving my pro card in 2016. I still work out 6 days a week an start my own online fitness company in 2022. 

What’s your favorite product at Extract Juicery? 

Golden Pine

What is health & fitness so important to you? 

Health to me is the most important thing in life, If we don’t have our health we have nothing.

Are you a Juice or Smoothie type of person? 


Interesting Fact about you?  

I became a model at 51 years old.

Favorite thing to do in Wheaton? 

I love going to the French market on the weekends.

What’s on your playlist right now? Taylor Swifts Midnights