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She have played soccer since the age of 4 and she always had the dream of becoming a professional. She started her professional career in 2015 and not only has it allowed her to travel the world but she have learned many life lessons along the way. As she have grown deeper into her career, training and her overall health has been the focal point.  Partnering and collaborating with brands that enable her to continue the longevity of her health and career have been a great success and something she enjoy doing on a personal level. Private soccer coaching is another passion of hers and she finds it equally rewarding to give back and help many young men and women pursue their dreams. After her playing career, she would love to remain in the beautiful sport whether that is through coaching or broadcasting.

Along with soccer, she share interests in other sports as well such as tennis, football, hockey, skating and skiing! She loves trying new things especially when they challenge her to step out of her comfort zone or simply something she have not done before. In her spare time, she enjoy getting in touch with her artistic side. This includes pencil drawings and sketches, painting, and creating videos of her day to day training or wellness routines.

What's your favorite product at Extract Juicery? 

Pitaya Oatie/ Choco-Nuts

What is health & fitness so important to you? 

Being a professional athlete (soccer) demands so much of my body on the field and even more off of it! My daily wellness routines help the longevity of my career as well as my overall health!

Are you a Juice or Smoothie type of person? 

Hmm depends on the day! Mainly smoothie!

Interesting Fact about you? 

I love to draw sketches of 3D faces in pencil or charcoal!

Favorite thing to do in Chicago? 

Exploring new Italian restaurants!

What's on your playlist right now? 

Brazilian music :)