Antoine Diaz


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Antoine is focusing a lot of his time on his fitness/lifestyle page. While growing daily on his social media platforms, on his free time he enjoys fashion, music & living a healthy lifestyle. He is also starting a run club in May & will last throughout the summer. He will continue to host this every summer moving forward for any runners in Illinois & who care to be a part of "Takeoff Run Club". He is very wholesome and family oriented. " I wouldn't be where i am without my circle".

What's your favorite product at Extract Juicery? 

Golden Pine Juice has to be my favorite

What is health & fitness so important to you? 

I've always been active all my life whether it's sports or picking up hobbies to stay fit, health and taking care of myself matters so much to me

Are you a Juice or Smoothie type of person? 

Juice Fasho 

Interesting Fact about you? 

My biggest fear is heights, you won't catch me on a rollercoaster

Favorite thing to do in St Charles? 

I love going on runs through Pottawatomie Park

What's on your playlist right now? 

It is currently The concrete boys, Jersey Club, & Future